15 Best Cat Documentaries

Best Cat Documentaries

Watching the best Cat documentaries is a must for cat enthusiasts since one can never know enough about cats. There is always something new to discover about these enigmatic creatures.

The African Wildcat gave rise to the domestic cat we all know and love today. The history of the domestic cat is fascinating, beginning with its ancestry in Africa.

Even the most loving and sociable cat breeds still include some remnants of their wild ancestry, which is a significant part of what pulls people to these cuddly felines.

Other breeds of domestic cats, such as Maine Coons, Abyssinians, and Savannahs, serve as striking reminders of the domestic cat’s wild ancestry.

There is always something new to learn about cats, and there is no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than curled up on the couch with your feline buddy and watching a documentary about your preferred domestic pet. In this piece, we will discuss 15 best cat documentaries.

1. The Private Life of a Cat (1947)

First on our list of best cat documentaries is the “The Private Life of a Cat,” an old film that has become a classic and is required viewing for everyone who has a passion for cats. It is a short, 22-minute black-and-white film that was produced in 1947.

The film is completely silent and shot from a cat’s perspective, and it follows a male and female cat as they court one other and, eventually, the birth of their offspring.

The film then chronicles the progression of the kittens into adulthood and concludes exactly where it started! We also adore the black-and-white, “cats-eye-view” filmmaking included in this remarkable and captivating documentary.

2. The Science of Cats (2008)

This intriguing look at how your favorite feline has become one of the most popular pets on the planet is presented in a documentary by National Geographic, which you can see here.

The long history of cats kept as pets by humans is examined in this film, as is how cats and their human caretakers became such close companions.

The idea that cats are the only creatures who have self-domesticated appear at the beginning of the movie, and the film explains why this is the case. This is an interesting in-depth look into humans’ bond with felines.

3. The Secret Life of Cats (2008)

This captivating and informative short documentary is one of the best cat documentaries. It recounts the extraordinary journey of a newborn kitten as it matures into a full-grown cat and demonstrates how it acquires the skills necessary for survival along the way.

Some of the most often asked issues that cat owners have regarding their pets are all in the video, such as why cats bring their owners rats, why cats’ expressions are less expressive than dogs’ faces if cats can sense our emotions (they can!), and whether you can train your cat.

This book provides an insightful look at the most pressing topics cat owners would like answered.

4. The Story of Cats (2016)

The narrative of how wild cats evolved into the domesticated felines we know and love today is split into two parts in this PBS documentary.

Part One explains how the first cats appeared in Southeast Asia, how they adapted to their settings, how they finally evolved into tree-climbing, solitary species like leopards, and how lions learned that they could dominate hunting territories by working together.

In the second part, the story talks about how cats originally arrived in North America millions of years ago and how they eventually developed into the prized rat-killing felines that people began to domesticate.

This book offers a fascinating look into the long history of cats of all different breeds and types.

5. The Ultimate Guide: House Cats (2000)

The Ultimate Guide: House Cats is among the best cat documentaries as it offers an in-depth look at the role of the domesticated house cat in society as well as the factors that contribute to the human affection for cats.

This documentary covers the history of the modern housecat and some of the most interesting facts about domestic felines.

It’s a fascinating study of felines, particularly domestic cats, and it’s a terrific watch for anyone who wants to know more about their companion animal at home.

6. The Wonderful World of Cats (2009)

The fascinating documentary titled “The Wonderful World of Cats” investigates the rise in popularity of domesticated cats as well as the process by which huge cats in the wild evolved into the little, fuzzy, and cuddly pets that we adore so much today.

It provides an in-depth analysis of the societal impact that cats have had on human civilization, as well as the human and natural factors that have contributed to the development of the domestic cat over time.

7. All About Cats

This odd and hilarious documentary delves deeply into a wide range of topics pertaining to felines, including their anatomy, training, and culture, as well as their origins and history.

The documentary created lots of mixed reactions from viewers; it would appear that you would either adore it or despise it, but there is unquestionably something that will appeal to every one of them.

The movie has some hilarious moments, some quite scary ones, and is an interesting and enlightening look at the place cats have in modern society.

8. Cat Ladies (2009)

Cat Ladies is a must-watch if you are looking out for the best Cat documentaries. This documentary lifts the veil on the type of person commonly referred to as a “cat lady.”

It follows four people whose lives are closely bound to cats and is both educational and heartbreaking at various points.

The profound love cat owners feel for their pets and the special bond they share with their feline companions is the subject of this intriguing documentary. There is undoubtedly a “cat lady” within each one of us!

9. Kedi (2016)

Kedi is a unique piece when exploring the best Cats documentaries to watch. The documentary is an engaging film that tells the story of the thousands of strays that live on the streets of Istanbul.

These cats have no true owner and exist in a gray area between domestic and wild, and they travel freely through the lives of city dwellers, coming and going as they want.

The cats are the highlight of the movie, but the real tale is about the community and joy that these cats bring into the lives of the city residents. This is despite the fact that the cats are the focus of the movie.

It is a story that is incredibly fascinating and absorbing, and the warmth and welcome of the people makes for an experience that is both uplifting and heartwarming.

10. The Lion in Your Living Room (2015)

This one-of-a-kind documentary provides fresh insight into how your feline friend perceives the world and how they engage with it.

This documentary examines the history, biology, and evolution of cats, their peculiar behaviors, and the manner in which they have been so closely associated with humans over the past few centuries.

This educational film delves deep into how modern cats evolved to be what they are today and is an excellent choice to watch if you are interested in learning more about what makes your cat tick and why. This documentary is undoubtedly one of the best Cat documentaries out there!

11. A Cat’s Life (2011)

The lives of a small group of cats, specifically three adult cats and three young kittens, are chronicled in this little-known documentary.

The movie is only about 20 minutes long, making it one of the shortest films; because of how uncommon it is, only a very small number of individuals have actually watched it. Despite this, I would recommend giving it a look.

A Cat’s Life was directed, written, and produced by Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey, who is a self-proclaimed vampire in addition to being a professional wrestler, presidential contender, and candidate for governor’s office.

All of the cats that appear in the movie are actually Sharkey’s pets. It is worth watching if you are interested in something captivating.

12. Best Friend Forgotten (2004)

Best Friend Forgotten is one of the best Cat documentaries you might come across. It features a cat named Oreo, who plays one of the key roles in the movie, even though it is not solely about cats but pets in general.

The movie’s focus is more on cats and other animals. The video focuses on the problem of the excessive pet population and possible solutions to the issue that people can implement in the 21st century.

This movie approaches some touchy subjects in an unbiased and even-handed manner, which is refreshing.

For example, there is a section on euthanasia for unwanted pets, a standard procedure in shelters that house many animals.

This is in sharp opposition to the “no-kill” movement recently gaining popularity. The documentary takes an objective look at each and then comes to a definitive verdict.

In addition to these subjects, the documentary Best Friend Forgotten has candid interviews with people concerned about the overpopulation of pets, how they can prevent it, and the effects it has on society.

13. It Usually Ends Well (2012)

In this documentary from Sweden, one woman and her pregnant cat are the subjects of the story. Beate Grimsrud, who also penned the script, is credited with producing it, directing it, and playing the lead part.

Finding a copy of It Usually Ends Well (the subtitle is a loose translation of the original title) can sometimes be challenging.

However, if you successfully locate a copy of the original film, you must ensure that the version you watch has English subtitles because the film was initially produced in Swedish.

It Usually Ends Well is a documentary that stands out from the crowd because it focuses less on the plot itself and more on the metaphysical ideas that the plot serves to illustrate.

On the surface, it appears to be about nothing more than a woman whose cat disappears only a few days before it gives birth to babies.

When you delve deeper into the film’s substance, however, you discover that it is about love, grief, and personal identity; these are issues rarely discussed in any other documentary. Therefore, these factors put this film on our list of best Cat documentaries.

14. Cat Wars (2014)

This documentary from the BBC attempts to shed light on the schism between people who adore cats and those who despise them.

This is a dispute that is especially pertinent in current times due to the extraordinarily rapid growth in their numbers; There is an estimate of about 10 million cats living in the United Kingdom alone.

Others consider this a crisis, although it’s fantastic news for people who adore cats. Cat Wars’s ambitious objective is to explain why specific individuals have a fondness for cats while others do not.

Several interviews with individuals holding opposing viewpoints also appear in the documentary at various points throughout its running time.

As an illustration, the name Silvana was given to one of the women who participated in the interview process for the show.

Since she is the owner of more than 50 cats – and explains exactly why she does so on the show Cat Wars – it is safe to say that she is a cat enthusiast.

15. A Stray Cat Named Winky (2011)

This little documentary presents a captivating and novel perspective on the prevalent issue of excessive numbers of cats today.

The story revolves around a stray cat known as Winky, who lives in the southeast region of Pennsylvania.

This short documentary tells a story that is both painful and poignant, and it does an excellent job of making the issue of feral cats appear as though it is a very real one.

In addition to this, Winky: A Feral Cat aims to educate viewers on various strategies for controlling the number of feral cats in their communities. The trap-neuter-return approach is the primary method dissected in the documentary (TNR).

In the movie, this topic is broached not only by a veterinarian but also by a member of a cat rescue organization.

They demonstrate that the method effectively prevents breeding between cats that live on the streets, which is the primary means by which one may control the feral cat population.

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